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My aim is to provide a quiet calm peaceful place for  your ‘best friend’ to be pampered in our dog grooming salon.

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The Dog Grooming Salon

Grooming SalanMy aim is to provide a quiet calm peaceful place for  your ‘best friend’ to be pampered in our dog grooming salon. Some dogs can become quite stressed about being groomed, I will not force any dog into a situation or treatment that he is not happy with. Your pet will love coming to us to be pampered and fussed over.

There are no cages, your dog has the free run of the salon, and will be taken out for regular breaks. If your dog is sociable with others then he can roam the garden and house and join our dogs. Please see the other pages on my web site to give you an idea of ‘how we live’. I can cater for any breed of dog from full dog grooming or just a bath and brush up.


Before and After

Services offered

We always undertake a personal consultation, to discuss your requirements and personal preferences.

Grooming SalonI aim to groom your dog in the way that you want it not how the text books sa

An assessment of the condition of the coat and skin will be carried out.

For a full groom your dog will receive the following treatments:-

Paw Print A thorough brush through, brushing out any matting and tangles of the fur.

Paw Print Trimming of pads and nails cut if required.

Paw Print Ears cleaned and if your breed of dog is one that requires hair to be plucked from the ear canal this will be done.

Paw Print Bath time – I will select a shampoo suitable for your dogs skin and coat condition.

Paw Print All dogs are hand dried – no cabinet dryers.

Paw Print Full coat styled to either your specifications or breed standard, using clippers and scissors.

I aim to provide the cut that you want, which is suitable for your dogs and your lifestyle.

If your dog is of a breed which does not need styling but needs the undercoat removing, dematting and furminating I can accommodate this too.

Collection and delivery service is offered dependent upon where you live, for a small charge.


  Small Medium Large Giant
Bathing & Brushing £15.00 £20.00 £30.00 On request
Bathing Brushing and Trimming  £20.00 £25.00 £35.00 On request
Bathing Brushing and Clipping  £25.00 £30.00 £40.00 On request

Dematting from £25.00

Nail Clipping £5.00

Collection and Delivery 50p a mile (minimum £10.00)


Terms & Conditions

All prices are for a coat which is in good condition. If I find heavy matting, or the dog is aggressive and very difficult on the table and the dog takes a lot longer to groom an extra charge will be incurred.

I only dematt small areas if I see your pet has minor matts to detangle. Heavy matting or matting to the skin will require shaving in that area. If I am unable to contact you ,this may be done without your permission. Extensive dematting is a painful, potentially harmful and traumatic experience for your pet and is not in line with my ethical and humane practice. I may suggest your dog attends more regularly to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Underneath heavy matting sores, skin conditions or parasites can develop. Some of these issues may require veterinary care if your pet is regularly matted.

All care is taken to ensure the health and well being of your dog. I am not liable for any pre existing conditions which may surface during grooming

The owner agrees to inform me if the dog can be aggressive. The owner will be held liable for any injuries I receive by an aggressive dog.

Cancellation policy

Missed appointments will incur a £10 charge as will cancellations within 24 hours.

Please contact us for more information.

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